Free Masterclass: Navigating your Daughter's Puberty with Joy!

In this Free Masterclass, Kari Beadner, CFCP shares her roadmap to Navigate your Daughter's Puberty with Joy! You will learn:

  • How to gain confidence in the season of puberty
  • How to create a plan for an Epic Road Trip Journey through Puberty, Adolescence, and Womanhood
  • How to equip your daughter with education and self awareness to make health, whole life choices

Hosted by:

Kari Beadner, CFCP

​Kari, her husband Aaron and their 3 children live in Orange City. Kari graduated,  from Simpson University in Redding, CA with a degree in Cross Cultural Studies. She is the founder of Ashwood FertilityCare Center which serves hundreds of women and couples with the Creighton Model FertilityCare System.
She now serves as the National Coordinator for the Guiding Star Cycle Show teaching 10-13 year old girls across the country that they have made good and that "I can only protect what I value and respect"

2020 brought the launch of "Charting Health for Young Women" online course for Mothers and Daughters. 

Kari enjoys empowering women/families about healthy lifestyles. She also enjoys spending time with her family.