Charting Health for

Young Women

Today's culture has made guiding our daughters through women's health education very challenging.

"Charting Health for Young Women" puts parents back in the driver seat in teaching Wholistic Women's Health to their daughters to navigate a Wholistic Health perspective.

This 6-module course is your roadmap; guiding mother and daughter on the exciting road trip

Charting Health through puberty adolescence and womanhood. 

Charting Health for Young Women

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Charting Health for Young Women

Your roadmap for guiding your daughter through puberty, adolescence and womanhood.

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  • Become a Confident Guide

    Learn the important terminology and resources to confidently guide your daughter through puberty, adolescence and womanhood. 

  • Foster Good Communication with your Daughter 

    Young Women love to learn with their parents when the opportunity is given. Become the safe place for your daughter to come with all of her questions as you find solutions together!

  • Lifetime access

    No matter the age of your daughter the Lifetime Membership of "Charting Health for Young Women" will be here when you need it. Any updates to the course will be yours as a lifetime member. 

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee 

    We guarantee that you will learn so much about yourself and your daughters beautifully changing body that we have a money back guarantee. If after 30 days you have not learned about the beauty of being a woman and valuable tips as you guide your daughter through changing from a girl into a woman, you may request a full refund. 

Your Bonuses

  • 1 year of Creighton Model charting materials

    FREE Registration and materials ($75 value) for Creighton Model FertilityCare charting with Ashwood FertilityCare Center for Young Woman (at 16 years old or if needed) or for Mom and Dad.  

  • Chart Review Appointment

Your Roadmap for guiding your Daughter through Puberty, Adolescence and Womanhood

  • But First, Mom

    Week 1 - We will discuss the definition of "Mom" and the foundation of the mothering instinct within all women. 

    We will discuss how to use the course for your own personal learning and with your daughters. 

  • The Whole You

    Week 2 -  We welcome the Young Women to learn all about the different parts that make up a Whole person. We teach about our goal to develop as Whole people and how this translates into every part of our life as women.

  • 4 Superpowers 

    Week 3 - We dive into the 4 Superpowers that only women have.  We discuss how our superpowers are used to empower our goals communication and our contributions.  

  • Feminine Health and Hygiene

    Week 4 - We will describe the important parts of a healthy hygiene routine and period health and care. Including washing, period products and more.

  • Charting Health 101

    Week 5 - Let's start charting our health and begin using all of this wonderful information that we have learned up to now. Our health charts will serve as a personal record or scrapbook along our journey.

  • Charting Health 102

    Week 6  - At the age of 16 years old young women are ready for a chart upgrade to a formal method of Fertility charting. We will discuss the options available as well as how to navigate our health as adult women.

It's practical and it's right where the girls are at. I'm grateful and I  would highly recommend this (course) for preteens and teens .

Jenny Krumdrick

Mother of 13 and 9 year-old daughters

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